All About Posh

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Hey, fashion fam! :wave: Welcome to 5th & Posh – where uptown chic meets downtown flair! I'm Posh, the brain behind this fashion haven. Growing up in the heart of NYC, surrounded by the glitz of 5th Ave, fashion became my heartbeat. Sure, my family's got a stack of businesses, but this boutique? It's my love letter to style. Picture this: good quality threads that effortlessly glide from coffee runs to date nights, and then straight to the club – because, why not? I come from a tribe of fashion enthusiasts, and they call me the designer-loving sister with an eye for trends. So, I've cooked up 5th & Posh to be your go-to for mixing highs and lows, rocking that killer two-piece set, or embracing a next-level look without breaking the bank. Here, it's not just about clothing; it's about weaving a story with threads. Join me on this journey as we redefine fashion standards. Affordable, quality, and a touch of Posh – that's the 5th & Posh promise. Let's slay, queens! :dancer::shopping_bags: #5thAndPosh #FashionWithAPassion

Posh Promise

We are a boutique crafted with a passion for style and sophistication, seamlessly integrating into the lives of our discerning consumers. Our pride lies in curating a collection that goes beyond fashion, becoming a reflection of individuality and self-expression. We carefully select pieces that blend timeless elegance with contemporary trends, transforming 5th & Posh into more than just a shopping destination—it becomes a trusted companion in our customers' style journey. From exclusive designs to personalized styling advice, our aim is to empower individuals, making them feel confident and effortlessly chic in every facet of their lives. At 5th & Posh, we go beyond providing fashion; we strive to enhance and elevate the unique essence of each customer, creating a lasting impact on their lifestyle.

Dedicated to serving our consumers with a personalized and exceptional shopping experience, 5th & Posh is more than a boutique—it's a curated selection catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Our commitment is reflected in the high-quality materials and exclusive designs we offer, each piece thoughtfully chosen to meet the discerning standards of our customers. We extend our dedication beyond delivering clothing; we provide a sense of confidence and empowerment. With attentive customer service and a focus on individual style, 5th & Posh aims to be a trusted partner in enhancing and elevating the fashion journey of each consumer we serve.